Thanks to those who support The Society through their gifts, resources and time most services are provided at no cost to the individual.

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Life Stories

Read just a few of the stories of those that have been helped by the Society.

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Guess The Grape

Our annual fundraiser is always a fun evening with a champagne reception, followed by the Blind Wine Tasting and Food Pairing.

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Other Resources

Find out about many of the resources available for people who are visually impaired.

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Most Recent Blog Entries

Helping Other Organizations in the Community

It is very rewarding when we get feedback on how we have helped individuals with low vision live the best life possible.  It is equally fulfilling when we are able to help other community organizations adapt their materials to best accommodate those with vision loss. Our Technology Specialist recently provided consultation to the Daughters of Charity Foundation on best practices and ideas to make their website more attractive and useful for individuals who have low vision. Having completed their new website, one can see how they have made it more accessible for individuals who have low vision. This important Foundation supports so many organization in the greater St. Louis area, including the Society through their area of emphasis on “Seniors Living Independently”.


To learn more about Daughters of Charity Foundation of Saint Louis and all they do for the community please visit their new website at

David Ekin, President

Making A Difference

It is always nice to hear of compliments about how much we help people, and who they come from. Recently two comments were overheard that speak volumes about the impact our staff have on people’s lives. As one participant in the support group said, “I have never known a place where everyone goes out of their way to help you.  They all go above and beyond what they have to do to ensure you get the help you want and need.”


Only a few weeks earlier a mother that was with her young son in the reception area waiting for their blind daughter to finish her class was asked by her son what the words on the reception wall meant (Enhancing independence, Empowering Individuals and Enriching Lives), the mother replied “that means the Society is helping people be all they can be”.


One older person and one child, decades difference in ages, yet each knowing the same thing about how our staff makes a difference in the lives of so many on a daily basis!

David Ekin, President