Thanks to those who support The Society through their gifts, resources and time most services are provided at no cost to the individual.

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Life Stories

Read just a few of the stories of those that have been helped by the Society.

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2015 Guess The Grape

Our annual fundraiser is always a fun evening with a champagne reception, followed by the Blind Wine Tasting and Food Pairing.

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Other Resources

Find out about many of the resources available for people who are visually impaired.

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Most Recent Blog Entries

Focus on our Vision

Part of Society’s vision is ‘to transform our community by reaching each and every individual in our community who is in need of our services’.  We know that we cannot do that alone, so we work purposefully to partner with other organizations in the community to ensure we are reaching as many in need as possible.  One of those collaborations is taking place over the next three days.  Society is pleased to be hosting the Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind for a three day seminar/training for those in the Deaf-Blind community.  This article, which recently ran in the Riverfront Times features, talks about the challenges facing the Deaf-Blind community.  We are pleased to welcome them!

March 24, American Diabetes Awareness Day

Diabetes can be a very debilitating and harmful disease. Diabetes can be effectively managed, but potential complications include heart disease, stroke, and kidney damage. Many people may not know that diabetes can also impact vision.

Swollen, leaky blood vessels in the eye, called diabetic retinopathy, can damage your vision and even lead to blindness. Symptoms include floaters or spots in your field of vision. Symptoms of eye trouble can be mild at first, so it’s important to see your eye doctor regularly.

Cataracts and Glaucoma are also more common in people with Diabetes, but both of these can be treated and controlled.

Everyone with Diabetes should work to keep their blood sugar under control, and regularly monitor blood pressure and blood cholesterol. Your body, and your eyes will thank you for taking care of your blood sugar.

David Ekin, President