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Life Stories

Read just a few of the stories of those that have been helped by the Society.

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2016 Guess the Grape

Our annual fundraiser is always a fun evening with a champagne reception, followed by the Blind Wine Tasting and Food Pairing.

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Other Resources

Find out about many of the resources available for people who are visually impaired.

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Most Recent Blog Entries

August 21, 2017 Eclipse

Excitement is building all around as the Total Eclipse heads its way to St. Louis on Monday. This is the first Total Eclipse that will cover the St. Louis area since the 1400’s…over 500 years ago…

A few points and interesting facts about the Total Solar Eclipse:

  • Totally blind people can enjoy it as it is a sensory experience that includes temperature changes and wildlife may treat it as sunset moving to sunrise in a few minutes, birds may stop chirping and go to their nest.
  • NASA has made a tactile map of the eclipse process with all the phases form partial to total and back to partial, and a map of the United States where it will be most prominent
  • Eclipse Soundscapes allows those who are blind or visually impaired to experience the eclipse through their smart phone app. The project, from NASA’s Heliophysics Education Consortium, will include audio descriptions of the eclipse in real time, recordings of the changing environmental sounds during the eclipse, and an interactive “rumble map” app that will allow users to visualize the eclipse through touch. Learn more at
  • View cautiously and with protection during the partial eclipse phase. One can look directly at the eclipse ONLY when it is Total, looking directly at the partial eclipse without protection can cause damage to the eye as the light from the sun is still so intense that it can burn part of the retina.

David Ekin

Seasonal Volunteer Opportunity

Several years ago we inherited an annual Calendar project from what was Talking Tapes for the Blind. These calendars are such that they need to be “rolled and rubber-banded” as 90% of them are sent all around the country through the mail. We usually print, roll and mail just under 800 each year.

As they will be delivered in early September we are looking for volunteers to assist with and, or all, of the following steps:

  • Rolling and rubber-banding the calendars (they are approximately 3 inches by 36 inches)
  • Processing and preparing labels for orders that come
  • Packaging orders, which may range from individual calendars to boxes of 12 or more
  • Weighing orders on our mail-scale and attaching the printed postage
  • Delivery to the nearby post office for mailing

There is no set hours or days for help for this project, a person can do whatever they wish whenever they wish, but it needs to be done at the Society offices.

If you, or anyone you know, would like to help with this project please contact Christy McCutcheon at 314-968-9000 or